8 March 2013


I promise that this will be the last post related to my "moon project" before embarking on another new project (which honestly, I'm not very confident on completing).

The other day, I was at my uncle's place and I found an encyclopedia for kids (it was actually a gift from my friend and now, I gave it to my cousins). Honestly, I was never really interested in reading that encyclopedia when I had it, but now that I actually picked it up and looked through - I learned so much.

Trying to avoid sounding like a Wikipedia page, but do you know what the boundary between the Moon's dark and bright side is called?

Yes, you probably guessed it from the title, it's called the Terminator or Lunar Terminator. In the picture below, I combined 6 pictures of the Moon to show how it gradually change to it's different phases (。◕‿◕。)

Stay gold, xx


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