6 March 2013


In today's DIY post, I would like to share with you guys how I decorated some envelopes, just so it would look a little more presentable.

First step, get some paper doilies which should be available at most places. I got mine for about $3.20 for 100 (or more) pieces, what a steal!

Second step, get some envelopes! I got black because I felt that the white doilies would go better with black.

Other materials you'll need would be white glue, scissors and toothpicks or something small and pointed that would make the glue application easier. Trust me, I tried applying glue directly from the bottle to the doilies and... Bad things happened.

For this particular envelope, I wanted the doilies to be on the flap of the envelope just so the receiver would have a pleasant surprise. Take the measurements, make sure that it's all aligned properly before cutting the doily.

Use the toothpick or whatever pointed object you have and carefully (note: carefully) apply some glue on the doily. Like I mentioned, the first time I tried, I accidentally applied too much glue that it destroyed the beautiful doily. Because of the lace-like design on the doily (glue might sip through and stain the envelope), I would recommend that you use white/clear glue so when the glue dries up, the stain would be clear and less visible.

Let the glue dry and then you're done! Simple DIY to beautify a plain envelope.
Anyway, since I cut the doily into half, I glued the other half on the outside of the envelope too. I hope you guys have fun creating beautiful doilied (yes, I just created this word) envelopes.

Stay gold, xx


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