29 May 2013


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Please pardon me and my horrible organization skills. I've been trying my best to create more labels/tags so that each post will have labels that are more accurate rather than vaguely — Photography.

So anyway, this was the mini 'photoshoot' I was talking about in my previous post. I am somewhat pleased and at the same time, not impressed with this 'photoshoot'. I really like how there's a mixture of colours and textures, like a little brown with black and white and rose gold/gold. But then it seems to lack something, I can't put a finger on exactly what is bothering me.

My favourite accessory from the lot? The ring which looks like a cityscape. Is it normal that before I put it on, I look at it closely to admire the design of the buildings?
Listening to music with rainymood.com playing in the background and actual rain pouring outside — simple pleasures in life.

Stay gold, xx


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