1 June 2013


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Uhm, wedding series...? I know I made it sound like there's a lot more to come, but honestly, there isn't. I was getting really bored this afternoon and instead of doing my homework, I decided to sit in front of my computer and started editing old photos. This photo was taken last year on my cousin's big day, updated it on my blog with old edits here and here. Same photos, different filters. Does it bring about a different feel to the picture?

Not gonna lie, after I shot at my cousin's wedding as an unofficial photographer, I thought of becoming a wedding photographer, but I know I'll be a bad one. Why? Just look at the amount of photos I took of the setting/location rather than the couple. Maybe a wedding-setting photographer? Anyway, I guess because I love garden themed weddings, I got a little carried away with the location. Ballroom weddings are wonderful too, and if I'm lucky enough I wish to have both — garden themed morning/afternoon tea party and ballroom dinner, so I can frolic in my pastel coloured tea dress and also walk down the aisle in my lace (yes/no) wedding gown studded with crystals and a train. Oh my... Alright! Getting carried away again...

So, some of you guys ask me if I read blogs or who are the photographers that inspires me, and I must say for wedding photography it has to be Jana Williams — janafromalabama.com! You have to check out her amazing work. ○

Wedding location: Alkaff Mansion

Stay gold, xx


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