12 May 2013


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Ahh, yesterday my friends and I didn't managed to have lunch at a restaurant that I've wanted to dine at for the longest of time and I'm rather bummed about that. Hoping to go there soon! :( 

Yesterday, I had muesli for breakfast. The last time I had muesli, I had it with yogurt which was delicious, but this time when I had it with milk I almost died. No really, every bite was so horrible but I didn't want to waste food so yeah. Wow, I wasted 1/8 of my stomach space on this horrible tasting thing. Note to self: Never have muesli with milk ever again. *cue puke-fest*

In any case, Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there. But let's not only appreciate them on this day, but likewise on every other day of the year, because they deserve it. I got my lovely mother's day card from @craffiti. Please show my friend some support, and come on, let's be honest - aren't her handmade cards the loveliest? 

Stay gold, xx


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