6 May 2013


I have once publicly professed my love for glass tables, but I am now going to say that I might have cheated on the glass table with this wooden one. And it's funny how the only love I have is for my family (of course), my pet hamster (Mr. Hansyer) and objects, and nothing more than that. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong from 2009, oh but let the past be in the past. 

Current reads: Kinfolk 5-7, The Polaroid Book and A Year of Mornings. You can get all the books from here, I always do. Oh, but I borrowed A Year of Mornings from the library, which will be due this week (ugh why). So on my next off day, I have decided that I should clear out the bookshelf sitting in front of my room so I could find a reason to get more books. My books are currently sardined in built-in shelves by my window, which cannot fit more than 8 books? And just look at how thick the Polaroid book is.

And I apologise for the extremely huge vertical image you'll be seeing later, because I was really anal about how my pictures width should maintain the same and I couldn't find another picture to merge with that, so width - 750px. Yep. 

How I managed to capture this while stretching my left arm out to the fullest is beyond me. Until we meet again, weekends.

Stay gold, xx



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