5 May 2013


I feel that editing a photograph (i.e adding filters, modifying the contrast/exposure) is important for every batch of photographs I take. Photos without filter look too au naturel to look good, same goes for the idea of putting on make up. It's just me, I know, I'm weird. However, in today's batch of photos, I didn't use any filter because all the filters that I tried just made the pictures lose its beauty (well, other than the 2 colour splash photos).

The last time I did a tutorial on how to create bokeh effect, which can be found here. Today, I'll be doing another tutorial - How to create heart-shaped bokeh. Likewise, 1 tutorial for those with DSLR + 50mm lens and another for those with the iPhone. 

For those with DSLR + 50mm lens:
For this bokeh to work, you'll need a DSLR and 50mm lens. So, if you're considering whether to get the 50mm lens, I hope this is another reason as to why you should get it. 

You'll also need a black piece of paper, pencil and your imagination. Of course, you can save your time and invest in a proper bokeh kit (Google it) but I didn't want to buy it and my friend offered to help make.

Step 1: Measure the diameter of your lens, make sure it will fit snugly before cutting it out.
Step 2: Decide what shape you want in the middle and cut it out. Note: The shape shouldn't be too big, but it shouldn't be too small either. Sorry, no exact measurements! 

And... You're done!

When using it:
Secure the piece of cut out onto the lens with a rubber band.
Set the aperture to the lowest value which will be F1.8, and this is why it doesn't work on kit lenses (not for mine at least).

For iPhone users:
Well, no need to be disheartened if you don't own a DSLR/50mm lens. Thank god for apps, haha!
Head over to the AppStore and purchase Big Lens. 

Step 1: You can choose to load a picture which is already blurred (see sample shots below) or one with an object in front (and you want the background blurred). 
Step 2: I selected 'Advanced' not because I'm a pro or anything.
Step 3: If you have an object that will be focused and background that will be out of focus, select brush and paint over the object. Click next (top right hand corner) when done.
Step 4: Click 'Aperture' and select the aperture you want. Preferably F1.8 but I used F2.8.
Step 5: Click 'Lens' and select the shape of the bokeh you want. Heart/star maybe?

And then you're done! Simple isn't it? 

Have fun and stay gold, xx



  1. This is so interesting. Really like your blog. :)

    1. Hope it was helpful, and thank you so much doll! x


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