18 June 2013


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I am very particular about cleanliness/tidiness (i.e stains on my cups/tops or creases on my clothes) and to upload a picture so large (750 x 1125), with green tea stains on the cup is a big deal to me (ha!). But I guess that's what makes it 'real'? Maybe I should state that I love food photography, real food photography.

So anyway, I have since given up on trying to get beautiful flowers from the florist near my place because they usually don't have stock and if they do, it is so expensive, they might as well go rob a bank. Today, I went to the supermarket about 15 minutes away from my place and bought some roses after standing there picking the best. Then I figured that since they are going to eventually wither, I might as well pick one that's half way to the other side, saves me the heartache when the petals fall off. Getting overly attached to my flowers, so that's why — I like plants/flowers that don't die.

And of course, I'm not someone who likes changes or adapt to changes very well, even if I like to. Every time I want to get a drink from Starbucks, it would be the green tea cream (it's the frappe, in case you're wondering). So today, I thought I'll beat the heat with heat, you know. So after much consideration, I got green tea latte. Maybe if you'll like to help me leave my comfort zone and drink something else, you could leave a comment below. ○

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Stay gold, xx


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    1. Thank you Brian, I've never noticed that drink on the menu before. I'll go check and see if the stores in Singapore have that! x

  2. Strawberry cream is good too :D

    1. Eeps, I'll try that next time (if I can find it on the menu!) x


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