11 June 2013


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With average temperatures hanging around 33°C, the best place you can find me would be in my room with the aircon turned on. All that I need right now, would be a glass of iced water or some ice cream, but I'm too lazy to get out of the house to buy some. Oh wait... I DO have some 'ice cream', and it's homemade. I'm quoting 'ice cream' because it's not exactly ice cream like from Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry's. For all of you suffering like me in this heat wave or are experiencing summer in your country, I'm gonna share with you how to make your own ice cream. YAY!!!

Ingredients you'll need: 
  • 1.2l of Cream
  • 1 can of Condensed Milk

The above mentioned would be the base of any ice cream you'll be making. 
Then, depending on what flavour of ice cream you want, you'll obviously need different toppings and ingredients. I made vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, so I crushed chocolate chips and threw them into the mix and added vanilla extract. If let's say you like coffee flavoured ice cream, add 6-7 tbsp of instant coffee.

  • Whisk everything together, but DO NOT over whisk it
  • Put it in the freezer and let it freeze before serving

Now, only if schools taught us things like how to scoop a perfect scoop of ice cream, that would be great.

P/s: I would've been on my way to the airport, en route to Switzerland today. :'(

On a lighter note, the month of June has proven to be a really exciting one, albeit my trip being cancelled! I've a few good news/things to share with you guys, so check back soon. ○

Stay gold, xx


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