8 July 2013


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A week from now I will be embarking on a new journey, I will be transitioning from a (somewhat) carefree teenager to an adult with responsibilities. Someone help me please, it is actually quite frightening. Having to wake up so early and squeeze with the morning crowd (not my first time, but still), sit at my desk from 9 to 6, and not to mention, manage my own finances. Working also means less time spent on Instagram and the blog, and basically everywhere. While I'll try to update my space every now and then or maybe on weekends, I hope no one unfollows me. 

Okay, enough of the scary talk! Yesterday, I finally got my hands on Cereal magazine. Thanks to the kind soul (don't know if you actually read my blog) for leaving a comment on my Instagram telling me where to get it. I like how the image of the leaf on the cover page looks so 3D! Looks almost like I glued it to the magazine. 

If you were to ask me which magazine I prefer, Kinfolk or Cereal, I would say Cereal. Maybe because I like the short stories better. Maybe because it's something new, something different from the Kinfolk style. Don't get me wrong tho, I still like Kinfolk and will still continue to buy every single issue of Kinfolk. Price comparision, Cereal is approximately SGD10 more than Kinfolk. 

I've been updating this space rather frequently over the past few months, because I had lots of time to spare. But I guess this will probably be my last update until... I'm not sure when. So till next time! ○



  1. hahah i gave up on cereal mag bc its too expensive :-( but i hope kinfolk is good though! i'm still waiting for vol 7 (?) to come by post

    1. Ahhh yes, Cereal is so much more expensive. Oh, I hope you receive your Kinfolk soon! :)

  2. Hey ,
    Mind asking how do you take a perfect white background ? did you use a natural light ? Cos is so perfect. :)

    1. Hi, yes I only take pictures under/with natural lighting. Thank you :)


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