7 July 2013


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Hey guys! First off, some of you may or may not have heard of a Vision Board, I knew about it from a friend. You've probably heard of a mood board, but what's a vision board? Vision Board: A board where you pin up images of things you want to achieve in life (i.e. the school you want to go to, the job you want to get, the item you want to buy). Basically, the purpose of this board is to constantly remind you of the goals you want to achieve and that you should work hard towards them. So today, after chucking this board aside for about a year I finally decided to take it out and work on it. 

My board is currently still empty, because I've yet to print and cut out images of things that I want in life. So to make it look less empty, I decided to put the prints I got from Portagram up! I only selected 3 out of 12 images to put up on the board, which you'll see later. 

Things you'll need:
  • Cork board  — got mine from Popular for SGD11.90 
  • Magazines/Images
  • Portagram prints 
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pegs — got mine from Daiso for SGD2, they come in a packet of 50
  • Pins
All I did was put 2 pegs on each image, run the thread through and pin it up on the board!

+ If you have your own vision board or made your own vision board after this post, feel free to leave a comment with an image link of your vision board or you can tag me (@ardaisy_) on Instagram. I would love to see it!
I hope this simple tutorial (which isn't really a tutorial) will help you see/visualize the goals you've set, and achieve them soon. ○

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Hasta la vista, baby
Stay gold, xx


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