25 August 2013


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Hello there! A few days ago, I received a package from the very lovely (and not to mention, generous) Joanna of Meraki Handmade. They came in 2 black boxes with cute ribbons, which I kinda destroyed while opening them (oopsie). Cute packaging, checked. But what's the point of having cute packaging if the product isn't good? Fear not though, at Meraki Handmade their pieces are GOLD-FILLED and not brass or gold-plated. What does that mean? That means with proper care, they would last you a lifetime. How cute to pass it down to your daughters in the future?!

If you don't already know, I am in loveee with accessories, although I don't really do the arm party/swag thing. So I got myself the Electra bracelet in Rose gold, because I know for sure it would match my Tiffany & Co. bracelet well (which it did!). I've always had problems matching my Tiffany & Co. bracelet with my other bracelets because they steal the limelight away from my simple bracelet. And if I were to wear the bracelet on its own, it is a tad bit plain. I also got myself another item which is the Calista necklace in Bermuda. P/s: So gonna name my daughter Calista

I am so stoked for their new collection, have already got my eyes set on a few pieces.

If you, like me, are madly in love with the gorgeous jewellery - follow the 3 simple steps below and you might just win yourself a $50 gift card!

  1. Must be following Meraki Handmade on Instagram (missed this out when I first posted about the giveaway on Instagram)
  2. Repost any of MY Instagram photos that I've tagged with #ardaisymerakigiveaway, you must tag it on your image too so we can see (tip: click on the hashtag first, so it is easier for you when you want to tag it to your picture)
  3. Tell us which piece from the collection is your favourite
Remember that your account cannot be private or else we won't be able to see. 2 winners will be selected at random on Saturday, 31st of August 2013. Good luck! ○

UPDATE: Congratulations to @labbaikaa, @ruleoftham and @thesashadiaries! Please email hello@merakihandmade.com to claim your prize.

Stay gold, xx


  1. I love the Electra in Rose Gold from merakihandmade! I entered and I hope t win . :) Thank you!!! following your blog too

  2. I love your blog !!! I just followed you :) and if you don't mind, can you check mine out too please?
    thankss :)

    1. Hi Kelly, thanks for the follow! Just popped by your blog, and I must say Ruby is really cute! :)


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