30 September 2013


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As you all know, I've worked with Merakihandmade not too long ago, see post — here, and I absolutely love her creative pieces. When she launched her new collection, I couldn't help myself but order more necklaces. Joanna being Joanna, gifted me Delta in Gold with the initial "C" stamped on it as my birthday present, so in the end I only paid for Bridgette.

A few of my favourite pieces from the collection (many of them come in various colours): Audrey, Eden, Genesis, Isabella, Isla and Victoria. Oh and Tri, the triplet version of Delta. Hmm, okay... I should've just said ALL the pieces from the collection are my favourite. Very simple yet beautiful pieces to match every outfit!

Please show Joanna some support by liking Meraki Handmade's Facebook page. It has been my honour to work with such a creative individual.

+ And you must be thinking what has the Bermuda Triangle got to do with this post? Well... Because my Calista necklace is in the shade of Bermuda and my Delta necklace is triangle-shaped. ○

Stay gold, xx

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  1. These look wonderful. I'm all for understated pieces of jewellery.


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