6 October 2013


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New blog link to start October (yay).

Yesterday, I popped by the florist at Thomson because a friend recommended that place. I almost got lost because the place was massive potted plants and fresh cut flowers were sold at separate places. I went there with the intention to get roses, I left with 3 stalks of Hydrangeas and 1 stalk of Tulip. Lack of self-control? Maybe. But who can resist these beauts, especially the blue Hydrangeas. The excessive visuals of the Hydrangeas should be obvious enough how much I love them.

This afternoon, family day activities included: watching Gravity in 3D and shopping at Ikea (well, only my mum and I, since my dad and brother gave up halfway). Maybe shopping just isn't a man's thing.

I really enjoyed the movie, other than the fact that I had to constantly push my 3D glasses up because they kept felling off - not because I am Lord Voldemort but because I wear glasses like Harry Potter. Hey Cheryl, if you're reading this, LOOK I MADE REFERENCE TO HARRY POTTER!!! But, the sad part about watching Gravity is that, this is the closest I'll ever be to the stars and the only chance I get the see the Universe. Now excuse me, while I wallow in self pity because I do not work for NASA. ○

Stay gold, xx

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