4 September 2013


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About a week ago, I had lunch with my favourite ladies (aka friends of ~4/5 years, wow!) at Chock Full of Beans to celebrate my birthday. We were greeted by the warm afternoon sun and several other customers enjoying their meal. I can never remember what we ordered, but I definitely knew we got a Minion matcha latte. Can we give Chock Full of Beans an applause for the minion latte art? Made my day. Over lunch, we caught up with each other since we all lead busy lives now. Then after lunch, we thought it would be good to take a walk to aid digestion.  

This lunch/walk proved to be rewarding because — 

I saw a monkey,
I saw so many cats,
I saw a dog losing its mind over a cat,
I saw a cat attacking a pigeon,
I saw the cat taking a dump,
I saw the pigeon fighting (sort of) for its life,
I saw another cat attacking the pigeon,
I saw the pigeon fleeing,
but death was inevitable. #RIPpigeon

Then we sat down and watched planes land/comparing the sizes of planes and fervently wishing we were on board. A vacation is desperately needed, to get away from the daily grind. ○

Stay gold, xx


  1. Hi may I ask how do you edit your pictures? :) is there like some sort of photoshop preset or anything? :) your pictures all turn out so nice!!

    1. Hi June, thank you! I add filters from Vscocam to my pictures. :)


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