21 October 2013


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The pictures in this post will be completely unrelated to whatever I'll be writing about today. I couldn't write anything with this set of pictures maybe because: 1. I've not written in so long 2. these pictures don't need words to express anything. 

So anyway, on Saturday I went for a feet massage with my mother. During the session, my mother received a message on her iPhone and the masseur was so intrigued by the ringtone (which by the way, was the default tone). He told my mother that he wanted to listen to the ringtone again because he doesn't have an iPhone and have never heard of such a tone. Which got me thinking (and maybe pitying him a little)...

Even if you own another brand of phone, you would've at least heard of the default iPhone ringtone. But this man, probably in his late 40s has never heard or own an iPhone. Wow, I feel like so many of us are so much fortunate than him. To us, a phone or even an iPhone (*cough* me) has become a necessity, but to people like him it's probably some sort of luxury item he'll never own. Okay, so maybe he chose not to buy an iPhone because it's expensive, but surely he would've heard of the ringtone right...? 

I don't know what to say about this guy though. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not looking down on him because he doesn't have an iPhone. I am just shocked. It was funny though, how I had to send my mother a random message just so he could listen to the ringtone again. It must've made his night (or at least I hope). Sigh, so much feels. I We have been really fortunate... They grew up using legit brick-like phones, we grew up using brick-like phones (aka Nokia) and the kids now grow up using smart phones Time to keep up with the changes! What would we do if one day, all our phones decided to fail us at the same time... ○

Stay gold, xx

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