18 November 2013


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After the LONG hiatus, I'm back and with a new link. Yes, I have decided to pay for my own domain, and unfortunately Bougeotte was taken up. Don't you just hate it when the Twitter/Instagram handle you want has been taken up by an account that posts almost nothing? Anyway I've missed this space terribly, but well, I've been busy.

Excuse me if I have any typos because I am multitasking: having some kale chips while typing this post. This is probably the first time I've voluntarily consumed so much vegetable in a day. Mm yes, you heard me. You're probably asking - how can Kale (A VEGETABLE) be so addictive? You have to try it for yourself! Trust me though, you would want to be mentally prepared because you may not stop after you've taken the first bite.

Benefits from eating Kale chips: TONS OF 'EM. One drawback: You've to be willing to pay $11 for a packet of vegetables. I've been diligently on the hunt of Kale substitutes, and Kai Lan could be one of them, but nothing will taste as good as Kale (I guess).

Recipe/Instructions are in the images below. Oh yes, when I say bake for no longer than 5 minutes, you really have to bake no longer than 5 minutes. Since Kale is a type of vegetables, and vegetables become cooked really quickly, you don't have to bake them for too long.

I declare myself: A Serial Kaler. How about you? ○

Stay gold, xx


  1. It's such a joy and comfort reading your blog and enjoying your photos! Keep on going girl!

    Lots of love for you and your blog! <3


    1. Aww, that's nice to hear! Thanks for the support! Sending lots of love back to you, x


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