27 November 2013


Being a sucker for handmade goodies, this has got to be the 3rd time I'm being sponsored with handmade goodies. Let me explain a little why I'm so into handmade items: because they are freaking handmade! Okay that didn't make any sense... Anyway, I support handmade items because every single accessory or tote is painstakingly put together. I feel them, because that's how I feel every time while shooting my stop motions. Every scene, every second in the final film is the result of an afternoon's hardwork.

24x25 kindly sponsored me 2 of their products: The Crochet Tote and The JStory Rabbit Pocket (which I like to call it the ninja rabbit pouch). The crochet tote is really spacious (god, I love spacious totes), as a gauge, I was able to fit my Cereal magazines and Kinfolk magazines inside. You see my magazines sticking out from the tote, because I did that on purpose (not because they don't fit).

Pop by 24x25's online store by clicking here and check out their awesome range of handmade totes.

Quote "Cee" at checkout to receive $2 off the Crochet tote! 

// Yikes, I am still in the holiday mood. I need another vacation soon, any where in the world would be good. Also, keeping my fingers crossed for a certain thing. If I do get it, my year would be made! ○

Stay gold, xx

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