22 December 2013


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Initially I was really reluctant to write about my year, because that would mean that I have to not only write about the good but also the bad, the fears and the challenges. I'm not someone who likes to expose my dirty linen in public, because I don't want to become vulnerable. The moment someone knows a little too much about you, you become vulnerable. You never know when they might use your fears against you. But I figured, HECK, I'll do one anyway. In life you have to experience a little heart break, a little sadness, a little jealousy and all that negative feelings to cherish the good times.

So my year in a nutshell visuals...

2013 has been a great year for me, as compared to 2012 which whizzed by so quickly I didn't even notice it was over. I literally don't remember much about 2012, like there's a void in my memory. I remember stuff from 2010 and/or 2011, but just not 2012. That's how mundane and uneventful it was. But, 2013 was different. And I'm hoping that 2014 would be better but dreams don't work, unless you do

In 2013, it was a year filled with achievements (to be honest). I managed to shoot the Moon in most of its phases, I managed to shoot Jupiter and Venus, I managed to shoot the stars (i.e. part of the Scorpius constellation, the Orion constellation). I managed to graduate "on time" from school. I managed to get a job at a law firm, although finding out later on that it may not be my thing, but that's alright. I managed to make, spend and manage my own finance (albeit quite badly). I managed to travel to 2 countries. I managed to get lost and am still finding myself (which is also a good thing). I managed to achieve something I didn't manage to achieve last year. However, I didn't manage to achieve what my 2013 resolutions were. But again, that's alright. I managed to achieve other things and I'm happy.

I also learned so much in 2013. I learned so much more about the universe we live in, the planets in our solar system, the stars and their constellation in our galaxy. I learned that some people can be such assholes. I learned that some people rather be a second rate version of someone else, than a first rate version of themselves. I learned that some people can be a double-face freak and may backstab you any time. I also learned that in life, we forgive people not because they deserve forgiveness but because we deserve peace. I learned that ambition shouldn't be confused as passion. I learned that you cannot be lost if you don't have a destination. I learned that travelling opens your heart, mind and soul. I learned that losing people is okay, because they weren't meant to be in your life for a reason. LET TOXIC PEOPLE GO, THEY DON'T DESERVE TO BE AROUND YOU.

I'm also grateful for everything that has happened in 2013. I'm grateful for all the opportunities given — sponsorships, being featured on a magazine and some other things that are well... quite personal. I'm grateful for all the new followers I've gained this year (shall mention this because I wanna show that I appreciate y'all).

So much has happened since 2012 (after looking through all these photos), and as much as I hate to admit, I've changed. I used to not care about what others think or felt, I wasn't scared about being copied. But now? I can't completely and honestly share everything, because I fear that I'll be copied. This year, I met the spawn of Satan, who gave me so much shit, I was this close to shutting down my Instagram account. Thankfully I didn't, else I wouldn't be able to meet the other wonderful people that still exist on Instagram. AND AS MUCH AS I HATE TO ADMIT, Instagram has seemingly become my life. I meet new people, THROUGH INSTAGRAM. I get new opportunities, BECAUSE OF INSTAGRAM. Instagram is a nice place, honestly. Here's to hoping that it would take me to greater heights next year! 

Okay, it's not the new year yet but my new year resolution? To be a go-getter, to work hard so my dreams become reality. Hopefully to become a better person by the end of 2014.

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!


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  1. This is beautiful. I believe by showing our weaknesses sometimes, we become more human. Have a good 2014!

    Gimme Good Style


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