3 January 2014


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First post of 2014!!!

A few days ago, someone asked me to do a what's in my bag post, so here it is! The question came at the right time, because I just received this beautiful studded bag (and embellished bangle) from Bxtwxxn. I don't know why people want to know what's in my bag, it's just the standard few things anyway...

What's in my bag usually changes depending on the size of my bag that I'm bringing out #femaleprobs. If my bag is big and spacious like this, then I'll bring these few things out...

(From L-R): Earpiece, keys, card holder, tissue holder, wallet, umbrella from CO (I lost my Cath Kidston one... Sobs), Instax mini 90 (my new toy), lip balm, lip stick, water bottle and my iPhone (which looks like a perfume bottle). Oh! And of course, my DSLR which is not pictured because I'm using it... Duh!

This Alexander Wang inspired bag kindly sponsored by Bxtwxxn is my favourite bag at the moment. Let me say something: I'm all for branded and authentic goods, and I think inspired goods are okay because not everyone has the financial capability to afford a branded bag, and since I'm currently broke... No actual A Wang for me.

What I love about this bag? The side pocket! Don't you just hate rummaging through your bag for THAT one item? Now I can put my keys, lip balm, lipstick and card holder and then easily retrieve them later.

I also received this gorgeous embellished bangle wrap, which I wore on NYE and I love it! I think I can get a lot of wear from this classy and elegant piece. Less is more. 

Hurry, pop by Bxtwxxn's online store by clicking here. Preorder closes on 5th Jan and don't worry, they ship internationally. So no matter where you're at, you can get your hands on this and many other gorgeous pieces. ○ 


Website: www.bxtwxxn.com
Instagram: @Bxtwxxn


Happy New Year!



  1. Hey, where did you get your umbrella from?
    I know you mentioned "CO" but where's that?


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