23 February 2014


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Phew, I've been gone from this space for quite awhile now...

Ever since I started drinking tea, I've been facing a problem. A very ridiculous one — the absence of a tea pot. I've no issues with tea cups, because honestly I have tons of them. Tea cups or normal drinking cups, I have one too many. 

I've been on the hunt for a tea pot for ages. I wanted vintage looking floral teapots/minimal white teapots but they are always a little too much for my bank account to handle. Then I came across this teapot a few months back and wasn't sure if I should get it. On Friday, I finally made a trip to town to make this baby mine and I've never been happier.

This tea pot comes with a tea cup and is possibly the cutest thing I've ever own, totally worth every penny. However, it may seem a little strange to be drinking from her head. ○



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