27 February 2014


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Yesterday night I was bored and I thought I would shoot liquid in slow motion. I tried it several times many years back with my point and shoot. And now that I have a better camera I thought I should give it another shot. I like looking through old photos that I've taken and be inspired. Lately, I've been really uninspired hence the lack of updates...

Anyway, I just simply love how the liquid "dances" — whether it is upon hitting a surface or dropping something into it. I conveniently had strawberries in the fridge so they became my "main prop". Behind every 1 good shot is 10 other failed ones. My strawberries kept missing the glass, and that's why I never made it to the basketball team (not that I tried to anyway). Needless to say, at the end of the shoot my strawberries were all bruised and my table was wet. What I like about impromptu shoots like these is that I have to make do with whatever I have and I don't have much expectations. So whatever the outcome, it's definitely a surprise! ○

Pardon the inconsistent lighting. 

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I know the lighting is a bit off for this, but I really like this and I've named it The Nose Dive 


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