25 March 2014


This post was supposed to be up in September of 2013, when Christie (@christielpy) was in town, but I never got around to editing the pictures until recently... So nope, that's not a typo in the header. 

Together with Peiying (@skeletales), we settled for brunch here. I must say that this place has really good food, and definitely great for meeting up with friends and have a chat over lunch (just look at how crowded this space is). If you've been reading my blog/following me on Instagram since the beginning of 2013, you'll realise how most of my edventures are together with Peiying.

In case you're wondering what the word "edventure" stands for, it is basically two words "edible" and "adventure" mashed together.

Apart from food, there's also something I would like to briefly mention about in this entry. For 2014, I'm planning to embark on a more ambitious journey and it would mean a lot to me if I could receive all of your fullest support. More about that soon, hopefully. ○

Toby's Estate — 8 Rodyk Street, Singapore 238216

Stay gold, xx

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  1. Really a late post hahaha. Here's to more edventures with you!


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