9 March 2014


I admit, I'm a sucker for beautiful jewellery pieces and sometimes the expensive price tag simply doesn't* justify the purchase. I've only ever splurged on a few <SGD400 jewellery items (excluding gifts from my parents), and had thought long and hard before buying (I suppose a few days count, right?).

I'm sure by now, most of you should have heard of Rue Gembon. Beautiful webstore with beautiful pieces. I am definitely in love with their statement necklaces/earrings, but my neck cannot take the weight of them (not joking here). Since my neck cannot take the weight of statement necklaces, I chose the more simple and minimal pieces that can complement almost any outfit. Simple pieces are always great when layering with other favourites.

Here are my picks —  Signe in Gold and Adelia in Silver

P/s: Made a few changes to the post because some asshat thought it was very wise of him/her to leave a comment on my blog regarding my command of English. 1. Before you even comment about my English, maybe you should have some guts to show your true identity? I'm sure everyone would love to know who you are, because you would make a very good English teacher! 2. If my posts are so painful to read, then why are you reading it? Are you sadistic? You seem to enjoy pain a lot, huh? Just so you know, every post you read and every page you click, you're giving me more views/higher traffic, which will help me in many ways. So if you hate me so much, maybe you shouldn't even bother visiting this page. 3. I have yet to proof read this post when it went live due to time constraints and I was dealing with another asshat like you. *cOugh*

Stay gold, xx


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