25 June 2014


Yes, that's right! Cëe's Kitchen is now available in video form, hooray! The first episode (should I even say that?), How to Prepare Kale Chips, is available on my YouTube channel. Please go have a look by clicking here, leave some feedback and comment what dish you would like me to prepare next. If you enjoyed the video, hit the thumbs up button and subscribe, thank you!

Now you're probably thinking why Kale Chips for the first episode? If you've been following me long enough, you would've known that Kale Chips' one my favourite dishes! Because it's hassle-free (unless you consider having to check your oven every 30 seconds to see if your kale is burnt a hassle), super delicious and healthy. I hardly rave over "healthy" food so please, trust me when I say this is good. However, if video is not your thing, then you can consider reading the post on how to prepare them — here

Lastly, I would like to give a shoutout to my favourite person Brenda (@brenwho / www.brenwho.com) for helping me out with this blog layout. ○

Stay gold, xx



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