30 June 2014


Brenda got this tea cup set for me after I told her about it. She wanted it to be a surprise but it kind of failed, anyway, I think you guys will be seeing a lot of this tea cup on my Instagram (haha). If any one is interested in getting this, you can check out alpinestones.blogspot.com or follow them on Instagram. I am not sure if they have anymore of this tea cup set left as I think Brenda bought the last piece.

And I thought that was her only surprise, but no. She surprised me with the latest issue of Cereal Magazine. Damn, I'm so glad we click really well (because she randomly showers me with gifts lol). Jokes aside, she's really a nice friend. I know both of us may come across as nasty and harsh on ask.fm sometimes, but you really need to know us better before passing judgement. ○

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, just sharing beautiful finds with you guys.



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