9 September 2014


Would you have known that this is a camera bag if I didn't tell you so? What I really like about this classic leather camera bag from Grafea is that, it doesn't scream "camera bag". In fact, it looks like one of those trendy Cambridge satchels. Back in 2011, when I first got my camera I was given the Canon crumpler bag (which by the way is called "5 million dollar home", till this day I don't understand why) and I've been using it for 3 years straight. I've tried searching for camera bags that look decent and could be passed off as a normal bag, but obviously, to no avail.

Goodbye "5 million dollar home", my camera has found a new (and better) home! The new home - Classic Leather Camera bag in Caramel, is much more spacious. My secondary lens as well as the camera body (Canon EOS 60D) with the primary lens attached, fits snugly and safely in the inner compartment. There are 2 detachable dividers in the inner compartment, which you can remove or adjust its position to suit your equipment.

What I really love about this bag, not because it was gifted, is that it has a wide shoulder strap. Not going to lie, as this bag is made of leather, when empty it already weighs quite a bit. But with the wide shoulder strap, it evens out the pressure on your shoulder reducing the chances of a sore and stiff shoulder. Have you ever gotten a stiff shoulder after lugging a bag that weighs like 3 rocks for hours?! 

Another thing I would like to mention is that there are a few other external compartments for me to put my bits and bobs (e.g. wallet, phone, card holder).

(image credits: Grafea)

This two monochromatic rucksacks are to die for, don't you agree? You can check out their wide range of leather products on www.grafea.co.uk. ○

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P/s: Edited this batch of photos with my new mbp, and I'm actually quite afraid that they may turn out bad. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Stay gold, xx
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