22 September 2014


I'm not sure what I would name this blog post yet though, to be updated before it get published.

It's unlike me to write chunky wordy posts expressing my feelings, but today I felt like I had to. Do you ever encounter days when you seem to need the validation of others? I know that it's an unhealthy thing to do, but sometimes I feel really bad about myself. I'm constantly doubting myself and my abilities - Am I not good enough? How can I improve my work? How can I improve my grades?

Why do you do what you do? Is it truly for your self enrichment or for others to tell you "Hey, keep up the good work!". Is your vision still the same as when you first started out or have you changed? What happens your sole purpose of doing something starts to change? When do you draw the line?

It gets a little exhausting when I constantly doubt myself and it affects my performance but I just can't help it. Of course just to be clear, there are days when I'm clearly aware of my purpose. Just that today, I felt down in the dumps but I'll be fine again soon because I have to anyway.  ○

Edit: As I wrote this post, Who you are by Jessie J started to play on my iTunes. 

Anyway, these photos were taken when I went for a walk in the park with my dad. It's kinda weird saying this but I think they would make a perfect print, especially the first picture! If you're interested in purchasing the photos (in higher res, of course), drop me an email — mail[at]betweenthelenses[dot]com. It seems as though it's just my blog encountering this resolution issue. I don't want people to enter this blog and think that my picture quality is always THIS bad. Is anyone facing the same resolution issue? Please let me know.

Stay gold, xx
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