20 October 2014


About a year ago, I bought my own domain — www.daisycoeur.com, then 365 days whizzed by like that. It was time for me to either renew my domain, or get a new one. Me, being fickled-minded, decided that I'm done with that username. I wanted something new, something that was easier to remember, something that actually meant something.

So here's my new domain — www.betweenthelenses.com. Very lengthy, I know, but I feel like it means something to me. Because honestly, sometimes I also misspell 'coeur' as 'ceour'. And as much as I like French, I don't live in a country that speaks French, so no one is going to remember how to spell that. 

You're probably wondering, why betweenthelenses? What happened between the lenses? 
This name came to me when I was changing from my prime lens to my zoom lens (lol), and it stuck ever since. Photography first started out as a hobby, but over the year, I've shot commercially (which reminds me, I need to get my portfolio site up asap) and this blog is for me to document what happens in between. So in this new blog which is aptly named, if I may say so myself, is still a visual diary like before with posts ranging from food to fashion to tutorials etc. 

Moving on, I hope that betweenthelenses would stay for as long as it would. Do take note that by the end of October 2014, the email hello@daisycoeur.com would be invalid. If you would like to reach me, please drop me an email at mail@betweenthelenses.com.

P/s: A few posts and collaborations to follow (this week or next), so keep your eyes peeled on my blog and instagram. 

Stay gold, xx
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  1. Loving your new layout! The new name definitely suits you. :-)


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