22 October 2014


So glad that it's almost the end of October, which means cooler months are finally here (hopefully). While it may seem that the holiday season is almost here, I'm definitely not in the holiday mood yet. Sitting for my very first final exam tomorrow, pre-examination jitters! In another week, I will be done with school until next year. Many exciting projects coming up and I can't wait to share with you guys. 

Is everyone getting used to the change in blog name? Because I'm not. I think it's gonna take awhile. P/s: I'm still receiving emails on my old email (which is totally fine, because like I said it's gonna take awhile), but do note that by the end of October 2014 I will not have access to that email account and therefore will not be able to reply you. This is my new email: mail@betweenthelenses.com

Stay gold, xx
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