21 November 2014


To me, dreaming never really meant anything. Everyone has dreams, everyone dreams of doing something, and the first step to achieving your dream is to BELIEVE. Never mind if it seems as though your dreams are unachievable. Just believe in the possibility that you will someday achieve them. What do you have to lose when you believe in yourself? Nothing. 

People may try to prevent you from achieving your dreams, never mind them. Sometimes, you have to learn the art of ignoring (and I'm a master at that), unless they are giving you advice then maybe you should heed it. While I'm still learning how to live my life to the fullest, I have realised that we should always have a dream or a goal - even if it's unrealistic. 

Think of it like a plant: our dream, or dreams, is the seed. Believing in yourself is almost equivalent to watering the seed. We won't know if the seed will sprout until we water it, likewise, we wouldn't know if our dreams are realistic or not until we take the first step. I find that believing in your dreams is the key, that was why I had the word 'believe' stamped in my locket from Ztyle.co.

Initial necklace also from ztyle.co
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Stay gold, xx
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"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

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