26 November 2014


I'm leaving for Hong Kong in about 2 weeks and if you can't tell, I'm really excited! I'll be there for about a week and my itinerary isn't fixed yet so I'm taking in suggestions. If you're from Hong Kong, kindly leave a comment or drop me an email on the places you think I should visit, I would really appreciate it.

I love to travel! However, as much as I love to travel, I hardly travel. The irony... But I guess that's what makes it special and sometimes I get completely overwhelmed by the idea of travelling. I did some research on how to combat pre-flight jitters, flight appropriate outfit and how to save precious luggage space. I thought I would share with you guys, just in case.

1. Be prepared

You want to be prepared for anything - the change in weather, especially if you're going from a warmer country to a colder country, vice versa. Do your research (at least a month in advance) on the weather and start thinking about what you're going to wear. I say a month because if you realise that your wardrobe is not weather-friendly, you will have enough time to do all your shopping. The last thing you want is to be frozen solid the minute you step out of the airport. I don't actually pack the items into my luggage until 2-3 days before my flight.

The night before your flight, make sure that all the important and necessary items and documents like your passport, flight confirmation slip, medicine etc. are in your hand carry bag. Check again before leaving home. I once dreamt that I left my passport at home, and as a result, I missed my flight.

2. Dress comfortably at the airport/on the plane

You know how most people are dressed down at the airport, because comfort is key? Like them, I'm someone that puts comfort first, so while I may be shabbily dressed for a 4 hour flight, I still want to remain chic (if that is even possible). Of course, heels are highly not recommended, slip-ons should be your go-to, so you can remove them and curl up comfortably in your seat.

3. Luggage space is important, every inch of it.

To save luggage space for better things to come, roll up your shirts and tuck your socks in your shoes. Depending on your shoe size, you can fit at least 4 pairs of socks!

4. You don't just want to smell good
Coco Chanel once said, "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future". Although I don't think that your future depends on whether you wear perfume, you would still want to smell good/decent. Did you know that scents can help trigger your memory? So if you want to be able to relive those moments again, pick a unique scent - preferably one that's never been used until the vacation. 

5. Lastly, for the ladies who can't live without their accessories
One trick that I learnt is to put your rings or earrings into those weekly pill organiser. A pill organiser would definitely cost lesser than any of your jewellery, so protect your jewellery! I am definitely going to try this for my upcoming trip! 


Once you have all of your stuff packed, you're ready to go! What I like about the Valencia tote bag from Aide de Camp is that I can easily slide my bag through the handles of the luggage by unzipping the back. 

No more such situations ever again!
See you at the airport!
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In 2015, I hope that I would have more opportunities to travel (something I need to work on with my parents). On my travel list: San Francisco (been wanting to do so since 2012), Europe (which was supposed to be my graduation trip but got cancelled ugh), Norway and Iceland. ○

Stay gold, xx
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