4 November 2014


Last Sunday, my friend (also the one who took my outfit shots in this post) and I made a trip to the museum before heading to town for dinner. The last time I went to a museum was last year, and I wouldn't exactly consider it as a museum. I'm an architectural idiot, so I don't know much about the styles of buildings, but I definitely love how the National Museum of Singapore looks on the inside and outside. I'm sure the 3 other couples having their wedding photoshoot would agree with me. You see, I have always associated museums with Renaissance architecture and not bowl-shape architecture (sorry ArtScience Museum), the older the building the better it looked.

The iconic staircase located at a corner of the room, it is not accessible to the public but it supposedly leads to the roof of the museum. Rumour has it that it is haunted (shrugs).  

Ahh, the magic of golden hour. Golden hour/Magic hour is defined as the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset, and it is also a photographer's best friend! Try taking some outdoor photos when the Sun is high in the sky and when the Sun is almost below the horizon, I guarantee you'll see some difference in how the photos turn out. 

My outfit was quickly put together, sticking to a more monochromatic vibe and a statement necklace (You can know find my outfit details together with discount codes, if available, at the end of the post). My friend was wearing a grey trench coat, white top and black shorts. I guess that's what you call, telepathy? ○

Here's a close up of the beautiful Serena Necklace gifted by MisabelleSparkle (click to enlarge)
Skirt Topshop | Serena Necklace MisabelleSparkle
Bag Bxtwxxn | Watch Daniel Wellington | Alphabet Stack Rings Sensibar

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Stay gold, xx
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  1. omg your pictures are gorgeous <3 and your outfit ugh perfection <3


    1. Thank you so much Joyce, your words made my day! <3

  2. Hi! I LOVE your blog and how your pictures are so clean and nice! How do you take them? I mean, do you use a flash or any kind of artificial lighting or just natural light? If you use some kind of lighting, what do you use? I'm asking this because I'm starting a blog and I need to learn lots of things, and I think you are such an inspiration! I follow you on instagram and twitter too :)

    1. Hello! I don't use flash or any artificial lighting, I try my best to shoot in natural light. Natural light is the best, and I get a lot of it (like 12 hours of it) every day. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any other questions, it would be my pleasure to try and help you to the best I can! :)

  3. Great pictures Cëe!! Especially the golden light!

    1. Thanks Jonas! Those photos are my favourite :)


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