31 December 2014

Monthly Favourites: December

Disclaimer: All priced stated are in Singapore Dollars. This is not a sponsored post unless otherwise stated.

I can't believe it's already the last day of the year, how did time fly by so quickly? Here's a quick round up of my favourite items this month! Like with my previous monthly favourites post, I'm just sharing with you my favourite products of the month.

Over a month ago, the kind people from www.luxola.com sent me these skincare products from Origins to have them reviewed! I'm not sure if this would be considered as an advertorial but it's best I put it out there so you're aware.

In case you've not heard of Luxola before, they are an online store that works with over 200 brands and carries over 4000 products ranging from makeup to skincare to nails and they even have products for men. With so many brands available, I'm sure you'll be able to get your beauty-fix there. Exclusive discount code at the end of this post.

Now, I could've immediately written a review about this product as soon as I got it, but I wanted to test it out and see how good it really is! I've heard several good reviews about it but I would never rave about a product without testing it out myself.

I love how both the products smell minty! When I wash my face in the morning with the Zero Oil® Deep pore cleanser, I am instantly awake, it kind of refreshes my tired and ageing soul. I think that's what happens when you watch too many shows and sleep at 3 in the morning lol. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling smooth but not dry and tight, which is what I really need now.

1. Origins Skincare, Oil-free moisture lotion ($50) and Deep pore cleanser ($38)

The Zero Oil® Oil-free moisture lotion came in handy when I was in Hong Kong as the dry winter air completely drained my skin of any moisture. My skin started to peel the second day and I'm not a fan of putting lotion on my face because I don't want to cause any outbreaks, plus the doctor that I go to for my skin (he isn't exactly a dermatologist so I'm not using that word) instructed me not to. But heck, I looked like a snake shedding its skin, I had to do something about it. A little of the moisture lotion goes a long way, though I would periodically reapply it during the day. It leaves my face feeling moisturised and matte. My skin is a lot less oily now and I have my 'skin doctor' to thank, but when my skin is oil free it becomes dry and flaky, so this lotion and some hydrating masks saves the day! 

2. Topshop Lipstick in Hazard, $19
To be frank, I've never been a fan of Topshop's makeup, or Topshop in general. I've only shopped there once, so believe me, this review is as honest as it can get. That one time I shopped at Topshop, I decided to get a lip gloss. Man, that product was very disappointing! 

When I popped by Topshop the other day, I saw that they had a 'Buy 1 get 1 free' deal. It was too good to miss, so I bought the All Over Glow, which is basically a liquid highlighter, and a lipstick. As I've mentioned before, I'm obsessed with dark and bold lip colours recently and as if Illasmasqua's Vampette wasn't enough I had to get another. As I was going through the colours available, Brenda picked up the most gorgeous shade of red and I knew I had to get it. Oopsy! 

Gorgeous is an understatement, to be honest! The colour of the lipstick may look really dark in the tube, but like all lip colours you can never trust what the lipstick bullet shows. While this lipstick isn't hydrating or drying on the lips, the formulation is still quite moisturising and creamy. The colour is very pigmented and it lasts for quite a long while! Oh and it smells really good too! I can't stand lipsticks that smell like crayon or something, eck.

I'm not very good with describing lip colours, but if you want to experiment and see how a red lip colour would look on you, definitely give this a try! And even if it doesn't work out for you, at least it won't burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain, $10.57 (USD 7.99)
Still on the topic of lip colours, these Revlon lip glosses are newly acquired and have already made it to my favourites list! Why? For one, I absolutely love the packaging. Secondly, the colours are very pigmented and they last for a long time. Lastly, the angled applicator makes it easier to reach when applying on the inner corner of your lips.

The two colours that I got are: New York Scene and Parisian Passion.

Both of them go really well with my Topshop and Illamasmasqua lipsticks. From top to bottom: New York Scene and Hazard/Parisian Passion and Vampette.

Some cons:

  • They don't smell good but it goes away after awhile, so I guess I can still live with that. A little contradicting with what I said above, huh?
  • When applied, they feel really weird on your lips. Almost feels like jelly, I suppose, which makes it quite hard to blend.

This product is not available in Singapore, and I don't know when it will be. Since they are not available in Singapore, I had to order them from the states and ship them over. When I bought them, they had a 'buy 1 get the second at half price' deal. #score

4.  Kenzo Flower in the Air EDT, $147
A new perfume to add to the overgrowing collection! I know I know, it's been only 3 months since I got the YSL Parisienne, but after my friend told me about this perfume, I instantly fell in love with it! As the name suggests, the EDT consists of a light floral blend, however, it doesn't last very long. I don't usually go for EDTs, however, I felt that the EDP for this was a little too overwhelming for my nose but to each his own. 

For my readers based in Singapore, the last I checked, Robinsons is having a promotion for the EDT (not sure about the EDP version). For the same amount, you can get a travel size perfume and some other goodies. I would've totally gotten it from Robinsons instead of the airport had I known about the promotion.

Exclusive discount code:
Luxola — Quote 'BLX-CEE' and receive a whopping 15% off your purchase (valid till 28th Feb 2015)
Discount code does not include the following non-discountable brands: Dercos by Vichy, Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare, Real Techniques, SkinCeuticals, Sigma BeautyVichy, ZOEVA, Origins and Sacha Juan

Stay gold, xx


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