16 January 2015


It's been close to a month since I'm back from Hong Kong, and I finally decided to start editing the photos. Didn't want to go through them at first because every time I look at them, I miss that place! I'll be splitting my posts into 3 different posts (first post day 2, second post day 3 aka Disneyland day, and lastly days 4 to 6) because if I tried to squeeze everything into this post, by the end of it you would end up in snoozeville.

After 4 hours of being snugged in my coach class seat, I finally arrived in Hong Kong! Prior to my trip, I checked the weather forecast and the temperatures were around 18°C, so I didn't bother packing much winter wear as I thought it wasn't going to be THAT cold, it was a mistake. During my week there, not once did the temperature exceed 18°C, but I'm not complaining! I have Bxtwxxn to thank for keeping me warm like a burrito. That's not really a good phrase, is it? 

Day 2: Mid-Levels, Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars

After brunch in the city, we decided that we would go on the mid-levels escalator for fun. Man, the escalators go up and up and on and on, I cannot imagine walking down. Note: The escalators only go one way, either up or down at certain hours.

We finally got to the end of the escalators and maybe we weren't thinking straight when we thought that it would be a good idea to hike up to Victoria Peak, needless to say, halfway through we regretted it. During the hike up, it started to drizzle and it was so cold we could see our own breath (I tried to snapchat that lol). We met a few locals along the way up and I'm sure they must've thought we were insane. "Guys, you do know that there's a tram that takes you up, right?" Conclusion: heeled boots were NOT made for climbing steep slopes.

The view from the peak was obviously nothing short of amazing, the hour-long hike in heeled boots was worth it. One side of the peak boasted a scenic view of Victoria Harbour, the other side was more 'naturey'. The view would've been even better if it wasn't so gloomy that day (and for most of the trip). 

After having lunch, we descended Victoria's Peak by the tram and headed to the Avenue of Stars and I think I did some window shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui. We all know never to shop until the end of the trip, right? #spendallthatcash

Have I mentioned how much I love dressing up for the cold weather? Missing Hong Kong and their delicious egg tarts, pineapple buns and the weather! ○

Next post: Day 3 – Disneyland

P/s: So happy I finally managed to fix the resolution problem with my pictures that have been going on since forever. 

Stay gold, xx



  1. Yes, Hong Kong is such a beautiful place! I miss it so much :(

  2. Hong Kong is a very vibrant city. Me and hubby had a quick visits many years back, I think we landed on day before the China olympics (remembering watching a bit of the countdown the night when we checked into this uber tiny hotel room at Chun Wan, I think?!). The next day, we moved to a bigger hotel over the other side of the island, for seminars.

    We didn't really have time to explore HK during that short trip, but would most definitely love to visit the place again! Your pictures here look beautiful and boy! I can't believe you all actually climbed the slope on heeled boots!! crazy painful it must have been *_^

    Cheers, JeannLUMINNEJ

  3. Hi Jeann, thank you so much for your comment! I wasn't prepared for the steep slope, wish my family had given me a warning on how steep the slopes were.

    They say Hong Kong and Singapore are pretty similar but I love Hong Kong so much more. I love how their apartments go up so high, I can't imagine the view from the houses on the mountain tops!

    You should definitely visit Hong Kong again, because I would love to do so again. I'm not done exploring!


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