28 February 2015


Ending February with one of my favourite soups - Pumpkin soup. If you've not drank it before you might cringe at the thought of that, but I kid you not when I say I love it more than any other soups. I find that it is really hard to find good pumpkin soup. So far, after trying the soup at several places, the ones at Swissotel Singapore, PS Cafe and Siam Kempinski (in Bangkok) are the best. If you managed to find the right one, you'll be in tastebud heaven (if that made any sense)!

While searching for cereal and nuts at the supermarket the other day, I stumbled upon canned food/soup. I decided to try my luck and see if I could find a can of pumpkin soup, which I did. Although the canned one doesn't taste as good as those at hotels and cafes, I'm contented. I'll try to make my own the next time round.

Stay gold, xx


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