22 February 2015


Oops! This post took a little longer to be published, but here it is — part 2 of my trip: Hong Kong Disneyland!

Other days were really miserably cold and gloomy, but thankfully the weather was so pleasant when we went to Disneyland! It was comfortably warm and sunny (can't believe I'm saying this) during the day, but when night fell, it got really cold. I would stop complaining about how hot it is here if only Singapore was like that. #equatorproblems 

During my stay in Hong Kong, we relied on their MTR to get around. I wanted to try the tram but didn't get the chance too, next time perhaps! We spent an entire day at Disneyland, although I don't know how we managed to survive the crowd (you'll see why in one of the photos at the end). Braved the cold for the fireworks, which I managed to capture only a few decent shots of. 

Will be back for part 3 sooner this time, meanwhile, see you on Instagram.
You may read part 1 here: www.betweenthelenses.com/blog/2015/1/16/cee-the-world-hong-kong-part-1. Talk soon!

Stay gold, xx


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