1 April 2015


I once read an article that talked about how and why hotel beds always look a lot more comfier than the ones at home, and one of the reason was because of the white sheets. How could something as simple as having white sheets play such an important role in tricking our minds into thinking that they are much comfier? 

I think I might be #addictedtosushi. I had it thrice just last week, and once again today. If I had to choose my favourite cuisine, I think it would be Japanese then Korean. 

Also, how is it already April? I can't believe my first year at uni is coming to an end. Approximately 30 more days to freedom! Counting down the days till new adventures in a foreign land down under. 

Stay gold, xx



  1. I don't know why but the white sheets make sense though. Also - yay - sushi addicts all around the globe.

    <a href=„www.lilykath.blogspot.com“>Lily</a>

  2. I guess the logic is almost similar to how painting a small area white will make it seem larger? :)


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