17 April 2015


Or any photos, basically. The last time I did one of this was back in July last year and I thought I would do another one that focuses solely on how to capture better photos. So here are my top 3 tips to take better photos! If you would like to learn how to edit photos, you may read the detailed guide here.

1. Natural light source. I've put a lot of emphasis on this point time and time again, but people tend to overlook this. Finding a natural light source is probably one of the most important factor to taking better photos. If you're indoors, always shoot near a window. Remember that you should be facing the light source, and not standing in front of it, so that there won't be any shadows casted in your photos. Shooting in darker conditions would only mean grainy and/or blurry photos.

Top: Aerial View / Bottom: Eye Level

2. All about the angle. There are typically 2 angles that I shoot at, aerial view or eye level. As can be seen on my Instagram page, I tend to go for aerial views more frequently because my photos are mainly flatlays. I personally do not like to shoot from eye level, unless my camera has a low depth of field. As a lower depth of field helps to blur the image's background, it makes the object stand out better.

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3. Simplicity is key. Declutter and eliminate any unnecessary objects from your photo. Be it a photo of your meal or a flatlay, less is always more, remember.

Tip for flatlays: only include items you really want to 'showcase'. Flatlays also don't necessarily have to be structured and fit within the square, it could go horizontally or vertically across the photo. 

The most important thing is to be creative, be original and have fun with your photos! If you've found this post useful hit the 'like' button and share this post or leave a comment and share your thoughts with others. If you've any further questions, feel free to drop me an email. :)

Stay gold, xx

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