10 May 2015


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mum-to-be!

Initially, I had no idea what I going to get for my mum. Makeup? No. Jewellery? No. Wallet? No. My mum lives a rather simply, as compared to me lol, and it makes buying gifts a little hard.

Since I was in town yesterday, I thought I would treat her to some macarons and went to get some from TWG - the matcha flavour is my absolute fav! 

On the way home I thought I would stop by the supermarket to see if they had any fresh blooms for me to take home. There were so many different types of flowers to pick from, but the better ones were mostly gone. Then I saw a beautiful pot of flowers and when I checked how much it cost I almost threw it back on the shelf! I'm not really a cheapskate or a miser, but when I know I can get something done and only pay a fraction of the price, I don't see why not.

That was when I had the idea to DIY my own flower arrangement according to the one I saw. It's my first time doing so. Whenever I visit my usual florist, I get 2 types of flowers and randomly throw them together in a vase and pretend it's alright. But since it was for my mother, I decided to put in more effort. I got 3 types of flowers - some carnations and the other 2 I'm not quite sure. I think it turned out pretty decent.

Total cost: only $11 #score

Stay gold, xx



  1. Hello! I also live in Singapore, and I find that flowers are usually sold at exorbitant prices (esp if one buys them from malls). May I ask where you bought your flowers? :)

  2. hi there! i get my flowers from florists along thomson area. not that it's really that cheap, but they have a wider variety of flowers to choose from :)


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