20 September 2015


Hi guys! It's been awhile since I last did any DIY, so I decided to do a marble DIY (since I'm obsessed with it). I picked up a soap dispenser since the bathroom needed one. A marble tray could easily cost up to $70-$80 unless you're talking about the one from H&M, which isn't really marble anyway.

I've seen many methods on how you can create a marble print, from decals to painting it on your own with a feather but they all seem a little too difficult for someone that is not artistically inclined. Pretty sure you've heard of water marble on nails, so I thought that perhaps I could give that a try on something else - the soap dispenser.

Here's what you'll need:

The whole point of doing it yourself is to make beautiful things within your budget, right? So I decided to use nail polish as it's something that most people should have at home. Feel free to use paint if you like, or you don't have any nail polishes at home. If you're going to try this out on a plate/tray/cup, you should probably use paint that's edible! I used nail polish because it's a lot easier to remove, should you not like how the design turned out. Let's get started!

Pour the warm water into the disposable tub

Add drops of nail polish

Things are going to get a lot messier from here on, so just be extra careful! After pouring the warm water into the disposable tub, carefully add a few drops of nail polish. I don't know how much your nail polish is going to cost, but you should use it sparingly anyway. When the nail polish comes into contact with water, it'll start to dry partially and create a thin film on the water surface.

Dip your object slowly into the water (so nothing overflows out) and as the film wraps itself around your object, let it stay underwater for a few more seconds. Use toothpicks to remove any unnecessary film. Repeat the same steps until you've covered all your sides with ink, let it dry for about 45mins to an hour and YOU'RE DONE! I kid you not when I say it's really THAT easy! You just turned an ordinary looking soap dispenser into something a little... fancier. 

What I like about water marble is that every time I create it, it's a completely different design. No two pieces will ever be the same. That being said, of course there'll be imperfections and to me that's what gives it its uniqueness. After completing this, I went around the house looking for things to marble-lize, but I couldn't find anything.

Let me know in the comments what you'll try it out on, I would love to hear from you guys! Should you have any further questions, drop them down there too! Talk soon. Side note: during my recent visit to the florist, I picked up a bunch (~60stalks) of lavender. I'm obsessed with how nice it smells. I removed some bits, placed them in a pouch and keep them under my pillow.


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