17 September 2015


brooklyn timepiece from the fifth watches

I know I've said this many times before, but I seriously love the quality of photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy A5. The quality definitely surpasses that of the iPhone 5s, but I'm really looking forward to upgrade to the iPhone 6s and hopefully the quality is almost as good as Samsung. 

Recently, I've been obsessed with coconut water, not for the health benefits though. I just find that it makes a perfect 'breakfast drink', something different from the usual suspects - tea/juice/plain water. Plus it makes me feel like I'm on a holiday. I just wish I mastered the art of chopping a coconut properly.

I am not certain what came over me, but I've been feeling really motivated these days to create and upload new content on my blog/post more on instagram + be a little more hardworking for my school work. Juggling everything at once it difficult, that's fo sure! In any case, I'm working on a marble DIY post that will hopefully be posted this coming weekend. Stay tuned!

Stay gold, xx


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