8 September 2015


Just wanted to pop by here to announce that we are back on YouTube, yes! Ever since my last job as an assistant wedding videographer, I became interested in shooting videos. But of course, videos are a lot harder to create than photos hence I'm always more active on Instagram. It's been a very long while since I've done any of that but I'm so happy that I'm finally more active on YouTube. What better way to come back than with a video for Cëe's Kitchen. Latest update: Pizza Cake.

I turned 22 about 2 weeks ago (wow time flies), and wanted to celebrate it differently. Nothing fancy just a private dinner with my closest friends who have been there for me through whatever. Ditched the traditional cream cake and went with this savoury one, not a bad idea I must say!

I've not been updating this space lately because I've been overwhelmed with a lot of school work for the past few weeks, but I will be back soon. Anyway, for more details on how to make a pizza cake, kindly expand the description box below the video. Talk soon!


stay gold, xx


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