14 September 2015


There were a few new additions to my closet in August, most items were still black & white so no surprise there. 

August is probably one of the warmest month of the year, here in Singapore. Almost everyday was hot and muggy so dressing up was a challenge and half the time I just didn't want to step out of my air-conditioned room. 

The only solution was to wear lightweight clothing or not wear anything at all (no thank you). Other than sunglasses, a hat is a good accessory to have to shield your face from harmful SPF, but be prepared for a warm and sweaty scalp.

everyone calm down, i got this

In collaboration with Zalora Singapore, I put together this outfit, other than the accessories, I was dressed top to toe in Topshop. My favourite item in this outfit has to be the heels. I've been on a hunt for a pair of heels that allows me to be on my feet all day, and this is definitely the pair! Looks so sleek even with the chunky heels. 

CROCHET STITCHED TEE / QUILTED A-LINE SKIRT / daniel wellington watch / THPSHOP silver cuff / mini suede fringe bag / platform sandals
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the fifth watches / status anxiety CROC EMBOSSED CLUTCH / topshop platform sandals

I love wearing culottes because they are suitable for the weather here, but the only problem was my height (I'm 5ft2 tall). Most culottes end way below my knee which 'cuts' off too much of my leg, and doesn't look very proportionate. So the only way for me to even out the proportions is to wear a pair of heels, of course I had to pick the Topshop ones.

It's been a really busy month for me, but hope to be back proper in October! Thanks for still sticking around.

stay gold, xx


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