12 November 2015

Frozen Flowers

Real flowers that underwent the latest frosting technology to retain its natural form — I'll take a dozen please. I am sure by now these frozen flowers have made their way on your Instagram feed (see #whynotspeakup) probably quite a number of times so they need little introduction. 

After my short break here, I have become very selective with the advertorials I do, so when it comes to supporting creative individuals like the duo behind JXKL aka WHYNOTSPEAKUP I'm 100% in on it. I am not sure about you, but the first thing that caught my eye was the design of this pendant and how the flower is beautifully encapsulated. You know those notes that are stuffed into tiny bottles or miniature ships stuffed into cork bottles, it's just really fascinating to me. 

Left: Bluelight // Right: Violetnight

These necklaces make great gifts and will look good with just about any outfit, and if you wish, you can always layer them up though I would prefer that they stay in the limelight. Their Laramie collection has recently been sold out, but you can make a reservation by dropping them a note: hello@whynotspeakup.com.

Why Not Speak Up
website: www.whynotspeakup.com
instagram: www.instagram.com/whynotspeakup


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