20 November 2015

Favourite Apps

This is an updated version of two of my previous posts, where I'll be sharing my favourite apps. For a more detailed photo editing tutorial click here, and for tips on how to get the right shot click here.


Rookie Cam, despite the name, is actually quite a good app to use to take photos. I usually use this app to take photos rather than original camera app unless I need to take a quick snap.


Cult favourites — VSCO camSnapseed and Photoshop Fix. All these apps are free on the AppStore! While my editing style has changed slightly since the last post, but the way I take my photos haven't change. Always remember, natural lighting is your best friend! It is difficult to achieve the 'natural lighting' effect with editing.

Now onto editing, load the photo that you've taken to Snapseed and start tweaking the brightness, contrast and warmth. Yellow is kind of the opposite of Blue, so if you find that your image has a slight yellow tint, slide the bar towards the blue side and vice versa. When you're done with the initial editing, you can go on to VSCO Cam.

In VSCO Cam is where the photo starts to come together! Since my last post, VSCO Cam's interface has changed quite a bit and has become very laggy... I find that I've outgrown the S2 filter and very much prefer the HB1 filter now. I don't put the filter on at maximum (+12), but rather at either the 4th, 5th or 6th step. 
Final image with VSCO Cam filter HB1 applied. Final image with VSCO Cam filter HB1 applied.

If you don't have these filters, you can always buy them in the app otherwise it is pretty hard to achieve the same effect. I bought the entire pack, but if you're on a budget I recommend getting these collections: Clean (S series), Hypebeast, Street Etiquette (they could actually be free for download, I forgot).


Are you a shopaholic like me? Then you'll probably need these applications: Zalora and Shopee. I've shopped on Zalora countless of times, simply because of their express shipping and reasonable prices. Other than their own brand, Zalora also carry brands such as Topshop, Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors and many others. Free shipping when you spend above $40 and free returns - the best!

Shopee is a great platform for you to buy and sell stuff, and I believe they are available for most Asia countries. It's a good app to use when your wardrobe needs some serious de-cluterring! (p/s: I'm hosting a giveaway and if you have yet to join, pop by here! contest ends this Sunday)

Lastly if you enjoy looking out into the night sky, you can find out what's the star or planet sparkling with these apps: SkySafari and Planets. All are available for download on the AppStore.
Some other questions I get a lot are: what camera do I use? do I use iPhone or my camera to take pictures on Instagram?

I usually just use my iPhone 6s for photos on Instagram and my Canon EOS 60D for pictures on the blog. I use my 50mm lens most often as it is not only compact but produces really good images! It's my favourite to carry around as compared to the zoom lens which weighs a ton. Photos shot with my camera will be edited on Photoshop CS6.

That's about it! I hope I was able to answer any questions that you guys might have. And now for a little something that I've spent countless late nights working on, MY NEW STORE: WWW.MAISONDEBLANC.NET.

So excited that it's finally live, this is the first time I've owned a store! From now till the 23rd of November, we are holding a pre-order for all phone cases but we are providing complimentary inking of initials up to 3 characters. No discount code needed, just add the items you want into cart and checkout. Pre-ordered phone cases will be shipped out before 30th November. Worldwide shipping available. We have many plans to widen our current range so stay connected with us on Instagram @shopmaisondeblanc



  1. Do u always take photos with the natural light? How can i make my photos cleaner

  2. VSCO cam is seriously one of my favourite apps! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Yes I do. If by cleaner you mean make it whiter, try to play around with saturation. Depending on the lighting, sometimes the white parts in my photos end up with a yellow tint. My trick is to use Photoshop Fix and desaturate the yellow parts then brighten it with Snapseed. Hope this helps! :)

  4. Indeed, the latest update has new awesome features! Go check it out :)


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