30 November 2015

Product Review: Sudio Sweden

It seems almost impossible to find a earphone that does the following: noise cancelling, doesn't tangle and has easy access to controls. With a hand full of stuff, you definitely don't want to be trying to dig your phone out of the bag to change a song.

Disclaimer: I was sent this VASA earpiece which is from their newest collection, but opinions in this product review post (which will be a new series) is completely unbiased. I only share the good stuff!

As someone who commutes almost daily, I need a good noise cancelling earpiece because I certainly do not wish to know what the person beside me had for dinner. External noises can be distracting when you're trying to enjoy some good music, I've used regular earbuds that do nothing to cancel out noises but that is expected.

So if you're looking for noise cancelling earpiece the first thing you should be looking at is the in-ear design. Sudio's VASA features an in-ear design that does an almost perfect job at blocking out noises indoors but not so much when I'm outside and there's traffic. 

I also have other mid-range ($100+) earpieces that do the noise cancelling job very well but all it lacks is the music controls. The controls on the VASA are so convenient and do much more than just playing and pausing your music - 1 click to play, 2 clicks to pause, 3 clicks to go back one song and many more functions that I've yet to figure out. Think about all the times you will not have to reach into your bag for your phone just to change the music!

Speaking about reaching into your bag for your phone, I usually just throw my earpiece into the bag when I'm not using it (I'm sure I'm not alone on this) and sometimes searching for it can be such a hassle. Luckily these earpieces do not tangle, so I will not look like a complete wreck in public trying to untangle them.

And in case you didn't know, besides the beautiful sturdy packaging that your earpiece will come in, you will also receive other accessories such as extra earbuds in different sizes and a classic leather carrying case which if I'm honest is not something I will use because it is too tight. In order for your earpiece to fit in nicely, you have to make sure it's curled up properly - I'm always in a rush and don't have the time for that.

And of course, the most important - how do they sound? On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give an 8. I'm not a earpiece expert, but you know a good earpiece when you use it. If you're expecting BEATS quality on these then may be you're terribly confused, but otherwise, the overall quality in sound and the earpiece itself is INCREDIBLE!

Their earpieces are both iOS and Android friendly. With the price tag, my VASA certainly did not disappoint. If you're on the market looking for another earpiece for yourself or family/friend, you may want to give this or their other models a try.

Quote 'BETWEENTHELENSES15' for 15% off, FREE worldwide shipping - it doesn't get better than this!


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