22 April 2016

Rompin Around

These days it's been way too warm to do anything (no, this is not my lazy self finding excuses). The thought of having to find something climate-appropriate to wear is just difficult, considering my wardrobe is 3/4 black - I blame my allergy to colours. On extremely warm days with places to go, my usual get-up would be a romper with a lightweight cardigan or an overall with a loose-fitting tee. I've worn this outfit so many times, I just hope I don't bump into the same people. 

I've been getting questions on where to find this pair of shoes that you guys have been seeing on Instagram (this post is so well-received, I'm actually in shock), so I decided to scour the internet and leave the links to them below. These shoes get sold out so quickly everywhere and it was not easy hunting them down, so if you've been searching for them for a really long time (like me), get your credit card ready! 


Superstar 80s Rose Gold Trainers: here and here, similar here and here. Good news, they run true to size! 

Watch from Nicole Vienna / Loose-fitting tee from Pomelo


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