7 May 2016

Storage Hack: Lightbox Letters

This post is for those of you who own lightboxes. You may have encountered difficulties in storing the letters that were given, like me. When I first got mine I had no idea how I was going to store them, and tying them into a bunch with a rubberband was definitely the worst thing anyone could do - how do you find the letters you need? So here's a quick tip/hack for those of you who have these letters laying around. This post is as OCD as I can get, sorting and organising just makes me so happy! ;)

The only thing you'll need: name/business card holders - preferably the long ones. Grab whatever colour you fancy!

Tip #1: Store them in alphabetical order
This is the most fun part for me, as I had to sing the alphabet song over and over again. I'm 22 and let's be honest, I don't really know what comes after J if I don't sing the song. Am I embarrassed to say this? Yes. Please tell me I'm not the only one

Tip #2: Don't squeeze too many into one pocket
Some alphabets, especially vowels, have more than 3 pieces and if you try to squeeze all of them into one pocket, what is likely going to happen is 1. the pocket may tear and 2. it will be difficult to take out. I did not purchase any additional characters so thankfully it all fits.

And, that's just about it! The next time you want to change up your lightbox, you can find the characters you need easily.

As usual, if you found this post helpful, I would appreciate if you could hit the 'like' button below as it gives me a good idea on what you guys would love to see more :) P/s: School's out which means I will be back to updating this space regularly just like it was before uni took over my life.


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