8 July 2017

Picnic Checklist

Let's get a picnic in order! I love picnics, or any activity that makes a good excuse for me to bring all my friends together. Planning a picnic is not difficult at all, once you have all these checked.
Food, tons of food ✔
Location, somewhere with shade ✔
Good company (duh!) ✔
Portable charger ✔

Now, what else do we need…? Something to put on good tracks!

Samsung’s Wireless Bottle Speaker is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also really easy to take anywhere as it only weighs 396g. If you would like to change up the mood, simply shake the bottle to change the LED colour. The speaker can last up till 4 hours with a full charge, and longer if you don’t have the LED light switched on.

Wireless Bottle Speaker

A portable charger is perhaps one of the most important tech everyone needs. Now, it’s probably 2 hours in, after countless of wefies and photos of the delicious spread you and your friends prepared, your battery is almost out of juice.

The battery pack is a lifesaver and I’m obsessed with the light blue shade. It has an attached wrist strap which makes me feel super secure while I’m on the go, as I don’t have to fear it slipping out of my palms. Also, did you know that you can get an add-on flashlight for the battery pack?

 Off the top of my head here are several uses for it: as a night-light, as a flashlight when the power’s out or when you’re out in the woods with no electricity. Now you’re all ready to get out and enjoy the Sun. Don’t forget to get your picnic playlist ready! 

Battery Pack (LIGHT BLUE)
Hachi.tech | Lazada

LED Flashlight
Lazada | Rack85 

Stay gold, xx

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